Senior Pastor

Rev. Terry C. Wilder

Terry has been our pastor since June of 1990. He is a native of Greenville, South Carolina. There he was reared with his four brothers and a sister. Terry is married to the former Kathy McAvoy, and they have two sons, Brent and Jeremy and two daughters-in-law, Shannon and Jeanette. Terry and Kathy also have three granddaughters: Georgia-Nell Wilder, McKinley Rei Wilder, and Caroline Evelyn Wilder and one grandson Charles Hugh Wilder.

Terry has an Associate Degree in Religion from the North Greenville College, a Bachelors Degree in Religious Education from the Southern Wesleyan University and a Master Degree in Divinity and Religious Education from the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

This is Terry's first pastorate. He came to this church from the First Baptist Church of Varnville, South Carolina where he was the Associate Pastor. Terry has served as Minister of Youth in churches in South and North Carolina.

Terry has also been involved with many activities in our county and community. Terry has been a part of Volunteer Missions eleven times in Kenya. He has been on missions trips to Mississippi, West Virginia and Montana.

We are very pleased with the leadership Terry has given our church through the leadership of the Holy Spirit!

Our church’s membership has continually increased under Terry’s pastorate!

-The Meredith Family-

Associate Pastor with Music

Mr. Chad Meredith


Mrs. Jane Ann Meredith

Chad has been our Minister of Music since July of 1997. Chad is married to the former Jane Ann Bennett, and they have three beautiful girls, Haley (Grant), Hannah and Jane Ashley. 

Chad is a native of Ohio. He is a graduate of the University of South Carolina. For many years Chad traveled and sang gospel music with his family, The Merediths. After his marriage, Chad decided to come off the road and now teaching math at Swansea High School. Chad was also is the Girls’ Soccer Coach at the Swansea High School. 

Chad is a very talented man. His gifts and talents have added to the ministry of our church. When Chad sings, you can feel the Spirit of the Lord in our worship services. We feel very fortunate to have a person with so much experience on our staff. He is adding much to our worship services and to our choir. 

Chad recorded his first single CD in September of 2004. It is entitled, Inspiration. This CD was released in November 2004. 

It is great having Chad and his family in our church!

Associate Pastor with Students

Rev. Matt Elmore

Matt has been our Associate Pastor since July 15, 2018 and was ordained into the Gospel Ministry here on September 9, 2018. This is Matt's first full-time ministry position and we are so happy that the Lord has led him to us. 

Matt is from Scranton, SC and a 2010 graduate of Lake City High School. He attended Anderson University where he earned his B.S in Kinesiology in 2015. Matt had been speaking in churches since the age of 16 and two years after graduating from Anderson felt the tremendous call to go to seminary and enter full time ministry. This led him to Columbia International University where he would ultimately earn his M.Div in Ministry Studies in 2020. While attending he came under the mentorship of Dr. Andre Rogers, who assisted Matt in his search for a church to serve. It was through this connection that Matt was led here.

Since joining the staff here Matt has grown exponentially in his ability and we are excited about what the future holds. He is currently engaged to Ms. Alyssa Yesalavich and they will be getting married November 12, 2022. We are looking forward to having her become an even more permanent part of our ministry and community. 

Upon the announcement of Rev. Terry C. Wilder's retirement effective July 31, 2021 the church leadership, and as a whole voted to name Matt as the next Pastor of SFBC effect August 1, 2022. 

We are thankful to have Matt as a part of our staff as he continues to grow in ministry.